Cutting Edge SEO With Our Patent Pending SEO Software
Online Searching and Social Marketing: Increase your online visibility, and generate conversions with Mandrien Consulting’s search and marketing services.

Social and Online Marketing Plans

Mandrien Consulting offers specialized online marketing plans designed for small and medium-sized businesses. We have invented a patent pending SEO software which gives us a deep dive into search engine optimization. The power of online marketing to help businesses develop their brand and generate positive growth is notorious. Over 90 percent of prospective customers will locate your company through an Internet search. If another site obtains a better search ranking on Google or Yahoo, your prospective customer may simply land on their webpage instead of yours. The fact that you are reading this text right now reveals something important about the way online marketing works. Perhaps you found this website by searching for related content such as SEO services or online marketing.

To be concise: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an intelligent online marketing process designed to attract high-quality visitors to your site and get them to convert into paying customers.

Over many years of experience and analysis, we have discovered an effective method for converting your website visitors into customers:

Strategic Initialization and Optimizing – We ensure that your keywords are designed and placed for optimum discovery by search bots and spiders. They search the Web looking for certain elements on your page and assign a ranking to your site. We determine the best primary keywords and “long-tail” terms for your site. Next, we embed these keywords properly within all meta-tags. Search engines like Altavista and Google will be able to rank the page accordingly. They examine and rank style, coding, saturation levels and other on-page elements.

Continuous Link Optimization – Credible links are treated as quality votes within Google’s search and ranking system. Multiple quality links are interpreted by Google as a sign of trust and value. Their system uses TrustRank and PageRank to determine the value of the links, and they assign the rank accordingly. Favorable links can be obtained through articles, bookmarks, press releases, blog posts and other quality sources.

Marketing with Content – We create a series of high-quality links for your page. This will augment your online presence. VisibilitPro creates engaging and customized text designed for social news channels and industry sites. For example, Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon are valuable outlets. Promotion through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Buzz will boost your results. A press release through PRWeb can open the floodgates to various industry and regional targets in addition to syndicated feeds. It can attract the attention of various outlets such as Google and Yahoo News, AP News Wire, eMediaWire and others. These press releases will have keyword anchors, embedded images and other SEO-friendly formatting.

Reports and Analytics – We report on the number of page impressions, search traffic and search terms. We also offer embedded video and advanced reporting for an extra charge. These reports provide feedback that is relevant to your site’s performance. Our experts interpret the results from traffic patterns, referring sites, keyword performance indicators and page utilization. We consult and make recommendations for updates or fresh content. We are constantly developing new techniques and strategies based on current trends and market behavior in order to enhance conversions. This process is iterative, so the feedback can help determine the correct direction for future developments. We will weed out any procedures that do not work and replace them with an appropriate alternative.

Relevant keywords are essential for generating hundreds of new leads every month. Over 90 percent of customers who make a purchase will find your business online and visit your website before making a transaction. However, if your online presence is insignificant, these customers might not discover you at all.

The good news is that Mandrien Consulting Group can help you improve your SEO and title agency marketing quickly and effectively. To learn more about how we can help you get found in searches and enhance your title agency marketing, give us a call today at 917.338.4222.