Public Relations
Mandrien Consulting Group provides public relations services to title and mortgage companies. Public relations is a strategic focus on telling a company’s story and encouraging influencers to tell it as well. It is a fantastic way to get your company’s message in front of a large audience, and can be a very powerful tool in increasing your recognition of your company, traffic to your website and the number of sales conversions you make.

Mandrien Consulting Group public relations strategies are developed only after a rigorous consultation with the stakeholders at your company. We want to understand your company: what makes it unique, and what story you have to tell. Once we have captured your story, we develop public relations campaigns that may entail any or all of the following components:

  • Development of a strategic “story” that evolves over time
  • Production and editing of press releases
  • Press release distribution via online channels such as PR Web
  • Contact and relationship-building with online influencers
  • Monitoring publishing calendars and building strategic relationships with writers, reporters and editors
  • Pitching new story ideas to online and traditional media sources
  • Arranging speaking engagements, conference invitations and other opportunities to increase recognition

A great PR campaign can be the difference between a company that no one has heard of and a household name. Title agencies and mortgage companies face particularly difficult challenges these days, but with the help of a carefully designed marketing and public relations program, your company can get its message out to the people who are interested and close more sales. It’s that simple.

To get started with your public relations campaign, give Mandrien Consulting Group a call today at 917-338-4222.