Email Marketing for "Lead Nuturing"
Email newsletter program
Are you already making the most of our email template designs or content publishing packages? If you’re not, act now to start reaping the rewards of our targeted email newsletter program.

Did you know that the average customer needs to hear from you between five and seven times before he or she will even consider just one of your value propositions? Don’t be intimidated by the odds. Get a content strategy that can take your ROI from zero to zero to 56 to one.

How is this possible? There are only three types of emails you should be sending to prospective customers: Learn the golden rules of email marketing.

Lead nurturing email campaigns

Written in advance and designed to motivate and engage your audience, these serve to familiarize your prospects with your company’s brand messaging and basic offerings.

Single-topic email offers

These are easy to complete in-house using one of our specialized email templates, but we’re also here to give you the industry’s best advice on how to execute them effectively.

Multi-topic newsletters

We’ll use our multi-topic template to place three to five of your latest articles in one eye-catching format. We’ll also repurpose your company’s core content, and we’ll link special announcements or offers back to the landing pages of your choice.

Your new newsletter is yours to use. We can explore trial runs using proven test platforms, and we can release your product through VerticalResponse, iContact or another approved vendor. Should you prefer a more hands-on distribution process, we’ll turn your finished newsletter over to you to share as you please.

What does all of this mean?

If you’ve set your sights on a results-driven email marketing campaign, treat unfamiliar terminology as an opportunity for a teaching moment. Nearly 80 percent of marketing leads never translate to opportunities. Why? Marketers haven’t mastered the art of email lead nurturing through soft conversion.

Soft conversion prospects are those who have willingly given you their email addresses in hopes of staying in tune with the primary pulse of your company or organization. They’ve demonstrated a desire to get to know you better through web content, video, social media or newsletters, and they’ve officially invited contact by giving you their information. We’ll show you how to use MarketingSherpa, KnowledgeStorm or similar software to take interested followers and turn them into repeat customers.

Our professional guarantee

Expanded opportunities equal increased sales, but you won’t find either one if you don’t know where to look. We’ll help you send your prospects relevant, intriguing messages that spur calls to action, and we’ll help you learn more about your audience's interests, sweet spots and pain points. Count on us as expert guides for your first three client messages, and we’ll devise and revise distributions that will keep your customers interested. We’ll even help you evaluate past performance metrics, and we’ll assist you with setting up live reporting for any active campaign.

Email marketing is a powerful tool; don’t miss out on its many abilities to attract and retain new customers. Start today for a win-win strategy backed by market research, knowledge and experience.