The Mandrien Website Design and Social Media Marketing Package

                      "So, you think you can't afford a world class
                             marketing department? Think again"

                    Website Design, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Package

Your organization plans to enhance its online brand image and ongoing marketing efforts through the design and execution of various Online Brand Management techniques.  The implementation of this plan includes the 1) design of a new world-class website and 2) the realization of marketing strategies, including social media marketing (SMM) and search engine marketing (SEM)[1], that will generate new business opportunities and increase market exposure.

The Game Changing Proposition

 Mandrien Consulting Group will design and build a sophisticated and highly optimized website that focuses on social media marketing, lead conversion, new business acquisition and company profitability. Mandrien will promote the company’s services by reorienting and strengthening the company’s online brand image. With the use of 1) targeted social media, 2) cutting edge search engine marketing, 3) targeted LinkedIn groups and 4) email marketing efforts, we will create a system that generates and cultivates leads, thus building you an extensive pipeline and turning cold calls into warm calls. Mandrien will implement a content management system to allow for the easy editing and updating of customized website content. A highly  structured management system will be put in place to nurture business prospects and promote their engagement with the website and the brand.

                                Pricing and Mandrien Deliverables


Investment Website & Branding
$2,000 per month for one year. All inclusive.

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[1]               The heart of the Mandrien search engine marketing is patent-pending SEO software created and built by Mandrien principals. This software will guarantee extraordinary search engine ranking position.