Blogging and Content Production
Why You Should Maintain a Great Blog

1. New content gives people a new reason to visit your site.
2. It is a chance to give your company a “human” face.
3. You can talk directly to your prospects.
4. It is the fastest way to put your perspective into the conversation.
5. It drives traffic, and traffic drives sales.

So, how do you get started?

One of the quickest ways to develop your branding online is to produce great content that interests your customers and prospects. This generally requires some up-front research into their interests, desires and pain-points. You will want to know what they search for online, what needs they are looking to fill and how your company’s services are likely to benefit them. Once you understand how they think, you can begin producing content and posting it to your blog. When combined with an effective content distribution strategy, great posts will draw clients and prospects to your website, where, if they find what they are looking for, your brand will be strengthened in their minds.

Many real estate services companies do not have an in-house marketing team, and even those who do may not have social media or content specialists on board. In these cases, it is important to seek out experts who can guide you through the process of creating and distributing content that engages your customers and prospects, strengthening your brand and driving sales.

The social media experts and Mandrien Consulting Group can help you develop ideas for content, edit blog posts or produce the content for you. We can help you find a voice that appeals to your target audiences and keeps them coming back to your site for more of what they want. If you are ready to get started with blogging, but not sure how, give us a call today at 917-338-4222.

We offer a wide variety of packages designed to suit almost any business, no matter your budget, goals or current marketing strategy. If none of our packages suit your needs, we can quickly and easily craft one that does. Give us a call today!