The Mandrien 3-Step Plan
Is your company considering an expansion? Would you like to be licensed in more states? Are you wary of the costs and challenges of expansion? We can help! Mandrien Consulting Group’s expert consultants can take you from local to national in as little as six weeks. Licensing, social media marketing and compliance are tricky areas, but the Mandrien Consulting Group staff has handled hundreds of national expansions. We are ready to help you seize new opportunities!

We have developed The Mandrien Consulting Group  3-Step Plan to rapidly transform your title company from a local shop to a major national player.

Step One
Rapid National Licensing
  • Together, we develop a licensing strategy that maximizes your return on investment and guarantees new opportunities for your business.
  • We handle all of your agent and agency licensing, obtaining the necessary documents and materials for you in a rapid and efficient manner.
  • We help you obtain underwriter appointments through the state department of insurance where required.
  • If necessary, Mandrien Consulting Group secure bonds and insurance in the appropriate amounts for each state.
  • On an ongoing basis, we inform you of renewal deadlines and continuing education requirements.
  • Whenever possible, we renew your licenses for you using our proprietary automated system.
  • Additionally, coming soon: The Mandrien Consulting Group 50-State Licensing Handbook, containing all laws and regulations regarding title insurance licensing. Ask us about this exciting new offering!

Step Two
Tailored Marketing Programs
  • Working together, we develop digital marketing programs that target your company’s goals and capitalize on your unique strengths as we tell your story to prospects.
  • We can design or re-design a world-class  website that is user-friendly and search engine-friendly, making it easier for prospects to find you online.
  • From there, we develop targeted social media campaigns that help you interact with prospects and produce real conversions.
  • Depending on the social media marketing plan we have developed together, we implement any or all of the following tools in an integrated campaign designed to provide you with maximum return on investment:
  • Content production, including blogs, white papers, press releases, social media updates, and more
  • Content distribution via all relevant digital channels
  • Testimonial gathering, viral video production and custom web tools
  • Email marketing campaigns that target your prospects
  • We back up all of our marketing efforts with analytics that justify spend and clearly demonstrate the value of your marketing investment.

Step Three
Transformational Consulting
  • Mandrien Consulting Group’s expert industry consultants are on hand to guide you through difficult decisions on the road to becoming a national agency.
  • Once you’re licensed and engaged in the marketing program, business rolling in, Mandrien Consulting Group’s experts will offer advice, training and consulting to bring your staff up to speed and prepare you for success.
  • We offer national compliance advice, training and seminars/workshops to prepare your team for the challenges of maintaining a national agency.
  • Our management consultants can help you cope with major organizational change without pushback from your employees or stakeholders.
  • Mandrien Consulting Group’s technology consultants can assess your current technology, recommend changes and upgrades, and even help you roll out new software as needed.
  • Along the way, our consultants will transfer broad and deep knowledge of both the title industry and best-practice consulting strategies to enable you to thrive in the complex national market.
  • Above all, we will be here to support and guide you through the process.
  • Coming soon: Mandrien Consulting Group 50-state compliance manual containing all rules and regulations with respect to multi-state compliance. Ask us about this exciting new offering!