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Real Estate Recovery Planning: Title Agent and Title Agency Licensing
Jun 10 2009
Real Estate Recovery Planning: Title Agent and Title Agency Licensing
One thing an agency can do during these tough economic times is to take the initiative now to proactively evaluate its business goals. By planning out goals and identifying potential new markets while the real estate market is diminished, an agency will be better prepared to spring into action to capture new business as soon as the real estate industry recovers.

If an agency is well established in a one-state market, perhaps there is a way for it to capitalize on current client relationships by offering to expand agency services into additional states.

Now, I’m not talking about an agency trying to expand into many states without a quality business plan and the talent and experience to handle it, but I am talking about developing a sound one-state-at-a-time expansion plan.

Eligibility for out-of-state title agency and title agent licensing is not as complicated as one might think! If an agency holds a resident (home state) agency license, then the agency will be able to enter many additional states as a non-resident agency based upon this license, as long as it meets the criteria of the other state(s). Additionally, if the individual title producer holds a resident agent license, then he or she can obtain non-resident licenses in most states, without the burdensome requirements for exams or continuing education.

Mandrien Corporation is a provider of consulting services and outsourced workforce solutions on a national level. Not only does Mandrien offer consulting services to help agencies plan expansion into additional states, we handle title licensing applications for all states. Mandrien also offers state-by-state underwriting and business practice expertise, as well as a wide variety of agency support services for single-state or multi-state agents.