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Rusty Solomon, CEO of Mandrien, to Present: The Money Network
Jan 18 2011
Rusty Solomon, CEO of Mandrien, to Present: The Money Network

The Money Network: Experts say leveraging social media can drive revenues


The prevalence of social media as a business conduit continues to enchant and confound professionals from all industry types, including title insurance and mortgage. However, studies indicate professionals that implement social media into their business processes and systems see a greater market reach in their clientele and new business opportunities.


But how can professionals in the title and mortgage industry use social media to drive up revenues and create more loyal customers and clientele? Where do you begin? On what sites should you invest your time? What are the bottom-line benefits? What are the best practices? How do you to monetize it?


In October Research Corp.’s social media Webinar, “The Money Network: Using social media to drive title and mortgage business,” two social media experts, who are also industry professionals, will talk about how to drive revenues using social media and, specifically, how to sell and market services to clients using this medium. Hosted by October Seminars, the Webinar will be held Thursday, Feb. 3 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET.


The featured presenters, Raelin Musuraca, senior vice president of Skalstad Consulting Inc., and Rusty Solomon, chief executive officer of Mandrien Consulting Group, will offer 10 vital steps to take to establish an effective social media strategy that will assert your product or service in today’s market. They will also provide training on:


  • Which sites are best for your business and how to effectively use the sites;
  • Why social media is an essential part of an overall marketing strategy; and
  • How to transform cold calls into warm calls through LinkedIn.


“Social media can be overwhelming, but it’s really no different than having a conversation — it’s just on the Internet.  I’m excited to break through the mystic of social media and bring to the industry a straight forward, simple understanding of the tools and techniques that you can use to generate more business. If you can type, you can do social media,” Musuraca said.


“I’m very excited to present on this topic and bring the new rules of public relations and marketing to the title and mortgage industry. If you don’t know the new marketing rules, you’re really not effectively selling your services in today’s marketplace. LinkedIn is a powerful tool in bringing thought leadership to the public and thereby transforming a company’s cold calls into warm calls,” Solomon said.


Marketing experts emphasize that using social media is not a fad. It is a networking utility used to brand a company, engage clientele, build loyalty, share industry news and feedback on important business and regulatory issues, generate business, retain customers, and provide personal and professional enrichment. Join us on Feb. 3 for this important training.


To register or to order a recording of the Webinar, visit or call (877) 662-8623, ext. 7221.


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