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The Power Of Positive Pay for the Title Insurance Industry
Jul 10 2009
The Power Of Positive Pay for the Title Insurance Industry
Positive Pay is one of the best ways to help prevent fraudulent checks and embezzlement schemes in the title insurance and settlement services industries.

By proactively providing your banking institution detailed information about all checks written on your trust or escrow accounts, you can protect your company from fraudulent check cashing or having your checks altered.

If your banking institution does not offer Positive Pay, then you might wish to consider changing to a bank that does offer it. Another option would be to install an escrow management software onto your existing production software that would automatically provide you with internal Positive Pay protection.

Defalcation, Embezzlement, Fraud, Disbursing Errors, and all types of issues can arise in the daily operations of your law practice, title agency, or escrow company, and powerful tools such as Positive Pay are essential in today’s economy to protect your interests and your livelihood.

For more information about how Positive Pay can benefit you, or to learn about an exciting new product that automatically uploads your information to your banking institution and automatically notifies you each morning of any discrepancies in your disbursements, please contact us at (954) 341-341-7476.