Understanding the Value of Investment in Website Development

As a business, your website creates your first impression. Setting a budget for this key asset is centrally important. Finding the right information is frustrating, however, because design companies resist revealing total costs. Mandrien Consulting Group understands. This article helps by providing an overview of the elements of website design so you can create a realistic budget from a place of informed understanding.
Step 1: Your Website is Your Business
A business’s website is its modern day handshake. It takes moments for your customers to decide if your company is what they need. Your first impression must be tremendous and bring them directly to resolving their needs through your conversion goals. Overall website architecture and functionality set the foundation, but Mandrien Consulting Group knows there is more to consider:
• Catching Customers’ Attention: organizing elements like animations, presentations, CMS manageable interactive features, videos and slide shows to bring customers to your home page and keep them there.
• Establishing Your Brand: generating content for landing pages, blogs and online brochures along with e-mail templates that capture the power of your brand
• System Management: including deciding on a content system like Drupal or WordPress, working with messaging, and considering mobile requirements
The decisions you make about these elements directly influences the overall design cost. For our customers at Mandrien Consulting Group, these expenses cost most companies between 4 and 10 percent of their overall annual advertising budget when combined with a monthly advertising allowance.
Step 2: How Much to Invest
Developing a business website can range from $500 to several hundred thousand dollars for a fully-customized e-commerce solution or database-driven website. What’s right for you? Consider these questions, keeping in mind a 3 year budget as websites generally last 2-3 years before needing major revision:
• What is the guiding vision that determines the overall goals of my business?
• What role does my website play in building my brand experience and generating revenue?
• With this in mind, what part of my total marketing budget does it deserve?
Mandrien Consulting Group provides website services that range from an inexpensive revision of current material to a detailed collaborative analysis of your business plan, marketing strategy and brand to build an entirely new online marketing campaign. Either approach helps, but the more Mandrien Consulting Group and your company work together the higher the potential is that the site we build and the marketing we establish will double or even triple your revenue over the next few years.
Step 3: Quality Means Customers
A bad website not only fails to bring in new customers, but also wreaks havoc on the reputation of your brand. The people behind the design of the website at the front of your business make all the difference. Keeping within the budget you determine, Mandrien Consulting Group has put together a crack team of creative talent to take your business through a proven, customized process that will result in an exceptional website crafted to the unique qualities of your business.
Step 4: The Details
Mandrien Consulting Group has found that successful websites often include the following:
• Creative Brief: a clear articulation of your marketing strategies developed through a discovery process • Site Map: a customer-friendly and easily navigable outline of your website
• Visual Direction & Messaging: an attractive home page layout for your marketing objectives
• Interior Page Template: an interactive design for subpages that emphasizes your brand identify and allows visitors to easily flow through your site
• Professional Content: copywriting that is optimized for easy scanning and designed to bring them to your calls of action
• Animation: attractive scenes that capture essential points in concise visualizations • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): content that broadens the field of your searchable keywords and raises your search engine ranking
• Brand-Specific Blog: the central hub of your public relations and a home for valuable SEO
• E-mail Stationery: a customized brand template to help you capitalize on the best ROI marketing available
• PDF Brochure: a user-friendly file with all the details so customers can save it, print it and share it
• Interactive Contact Forms: a simple online way for customers to contact you and for you to gather data automatically
• Calls to Action: landing pages that draw your visitors directly to your conversion goals
Step 5: Mandrien Consulting Group
Individually, these website elements can cost from a few hundred up to thousands of dollars, clearly making the development of an online brand through a customized website a major investment. The growth in revenues and brand awareness among your customers, however, is tremendous. Mandrien Consulting Group has a history of breathing new life into business brands and returning unbelievable ROIs. From lucrative small-business sites at a cost of less than $5,000 to fully customized brand revivals, Mandrien Consulting Group can provide the services you need.
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Your ansewr lifts the intelligence of the debate.
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You should always keep an eye on a budget. When I started this website https://www.ingic.com/virginia/web-development/ the most difficult part I faced was budgeting.