Potential Clients are Looking For You. But Can They Find You?

In the good old days—say, five or ten years ago—online brand promotion was relatively simple. You made a good website with some useful information. Maybe you uploaded a brochure. And then you called it a day. Even a decade ago, many companies in the title industry only put forth a minimal effort to cultivate their online brand presence. They had other priorities when it came to marketing and business development. But the way that people collect information has changed drastically in the past few years. Title agencies and other companies must respond accordingly, or they will be left behind.

Nowadays, potential clients and business partners are turning to the internet as they search for their title solution. As a businessperson, you need to ask yourself, What are they seeing about my company? Are they even seeing my company at all? Title agencies and other businesses are responsible for ensuring that their company’s brand is highly visible online. You have products and services that people need—but if they can’t find you, they’ll never even consider you as an option. If you’re operating your website the same way that you were in 2005, it’s time for an update. It’s your responsibility to make sure that, when people search Google for services you provide, your website pops up in the results.

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a key way to ensure your company gets the exposure it deserves. For many people, a Google search is the first step to finding information on the internet—whether they are looking for a restaurant review, a definition, or a good title agency. SEO helps you make sure that potential clients who are looking for services you provide are able to find you.

SEO is implemented by tweaking a webpage in such a way that makes the page more attractive for certain key words to the algorithms that search engines use. By emphasizing the right key words and using the appropriate SEO techniques, your company’s online visibility can increase substantially. Bolstering your webpage’s ranking for various search terms is one of the most effective marketing techniques there is, because it makes all internet users who search the right terms potential leads.


Furthermore, by giving you control over search results, SEO helps you manage your brand’s image online. You can choose what portions of your website you would like to emphasize for different search terms. The landing page is a basic concept in online marketing: bringing users to the precise webpage they are searching for is an excellent way to help them down your sales funnel. SEO sets your business up for success.


An example of effective Search Engine Optimization. If you Google-search “title agency marketing,” Mandrien is featured in six of the first ten results.


SEO used have a mystical air to it—almost nobody knew how or why it worked, and most SEO specialist used shady methods to game the system. But nowadays it has become a standard part of many companies’ marketing efforts. And, in an industry where the constant influx of new business is often a necessary part of a healthy business model, a effective SEO campaign can be the difference between thriving and foundering.


Mandrien Consulting Group has been helping businesses manage their online presence for years, be it through designing stellar websites, managing social media efforts, or providing the SEO services necessary to help a company increase its bottom line. To learn more about our SEO services and to hear more about our success stories, call us at 917-338-4222.

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Jonathan | 2012-07-05 13:53:16 | reply
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