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Mandrien Consulting Group is a corporate strategic planning and digital marketing firm that serves the real estate services and mortgage industries with results-driven services. A proven leader in this industry, Mandrien built its reputation on consistently delivering desired outcomes through services in strategy development, national licensing and digital marketing. Our consultants are veteran industry professionals with specialized expertise who have served the title and mortgage industry regarding licensing and digital marketing since 2007.

May 12 2013

Mandrien Consulting Group, announced that it’s CEO, Rusty Solomon, and its Creative Services Division has received accolades from numerous title industry leaders including First Title & Escrow Inc., Silk Title & Abstract, and Bay National Title Company. Rusty Solomon, is the Chief Creative Designer for Mandrien’s Creative Services Division which builds and designs sophisticated and highly optimized websites that focus on social media marketing, lead conversion, new business acquisition and company profitability. By refocusing and strengthening a company’s online brand image, Rusty Solomon and Mandrien will promote the company’s services on the Internet. With the use of targeted social media, search engine marketing, targeted LinkedIn groups and email marketing efforts Mandrien will create a machine that will generate and cultivate leads, building out an organizations extensive pipeline and turning cold calls into warm calls. A structured branding management system will be in place to nurture business prospects and promote their engagement with the website and the brand.

Rusty Solomon, on behalf of Mandrien, will be presenting an Online Brand Management lecture on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 at the National Settlement Services Summit 2013 conference in Cleveland, Ohio. This lecture will provide topical information on the best practices for national title agents and underwriters with respect to Online Brand Management. The following are statements by industry leaders.

Steven Papermaster, of First Title & Escrow Inc. stated, “Rusty Solomon is committed and his attention to detail was unparalleled. A combination of his industry knowledge and focus on our company’s vision, resulted in a product that exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone in the real estate settlement services industry.

Lance Silver, of Silk Title & Abstract opined, “We retained Mandrien Consulting to design and build our website because we had great confidence in Rusty Solomon. His knowledge of the title industry, and his ability to deliver a quality product is unsurpassed. We could not be happier with the results. Rusty Solomon and his team delivered to us a beautiful and compelling website that really emanates professionalism and prowess. The site makes people want to do business with us.”

Evan Grimm, of Bay National Title Company, was quoted, “I wish I had found Mandrien years ago. Not only was their design the best I’ve seen, but their understanding and ability to write content is irreplaceable. They are truly amazing.”

“We are passionate about our client’s success stories and are overjoyed to receive this recognition from such esteemed members of the national title industry” said Rusty Solomon. “Our perseverance and focus on delivering industry-leading creative services, drives greater profitability, and provides the highest-quality online brand management as well as support systems to our partners. As a team, at Mandrien, we ensure that all of our customers receive the most advanced, cutting edge solutions to support their marketing and sales forces.”

Mandrien is an online brand management and custom web design firm based in New York City which has built a reputation for offering cutting-edge marketing and branding services that help companies leverage the latest social media, and lead nurturing strategies. Learn more about Mandrien at

Jul 23 2011

New York City based Mandrien Consulting Group, a leading digital marketing and public relations firm serving clients in the legal, real estate, title insurance, and mortgage arenas, has launched a full-service digital marketing division, announced Matthew Montgomery, Director of Strategic Services at Mandrien Consulting Group.

“A year ago title agencies and other sectors were experimenting with social media marketing. The buying really started about a year ago. Understanding the full impact that world class web design has on their image and the impact of social media marketing, national title agencies are diving in.”

Mandrien Consulting Group will offer clients a full range of digital marketing products including but not limited to world class website design, email newsletter marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, You Tube production, content production, and more, all in a strategic and cost-effective manner.

Alexander Crompton, Director of Corporate Communications for Mandrien Consulting Group, formerly of the French Ministry of Education will be the driving force behind this new Mandrien initiative overseeing a team of experts providing Mandrien clients an array of web-based services including:

Search Engine Optimization – the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. 

SEO Maintenance – Maintaining SEO for client websites by consistently providing updated strategic planning, fresh content and linking strategies from external sites, including blogs and social media sites.

Website Design – Creating world class branded Wordpress websites or converting existing websites.

Video Production and Strategy – The production of You Tube and development of video planning as a component of clients’ overall digital strategy for utilization on websites, blogs and email signatures.

Blogs – Developing external blogs using platforms such as Blogger or Wordpress to maximize SEO potential for client websites using inbound links and automatic feeds.

Social Media – Integrating social media strategies through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to increase SEO results by driving inbound traffic and links for websites. 

E-Marketing – Creating content and distributing HTML e-mail newsletters and bulletins on a regular basis for clients.

“All businesses evolve on a daily basis. However, web design, social media marketing and public relations through these channels has gone parabolic,” said Rusty Solomon, CEO Mandrien Consulting Group. “Title agency marketing is exponentially increasing through web design and social media marketing.”

“If you are not embracing the new rules of public relations and marketing, you are not selling,” said Solomon. “It is a mandatory component of modern day business paradigm shift.” 

“Mandrien Consulting Group aims to push new business to our clients with digital marketing,” concludes Matthew Montgomery. “We are delighted to be able to provide these powerful and robust digital products to our clients’ marketing arsenal.”

For a complimentary evaluation, please call Mandrien Consulting at 917.338.4222.

Mandrien Consulting Group provides results-driven national title agency marketing, web design, digital marketing as well as strategic marketing planning for the real estate service industry. Mandrien offers unparalleled practical and technical experience in the title insurance industry.

Mandrien Consulting Group is located at 32 Union Square East, Suite 1100, New York, New York 10003. For more information, please call 917.338.4222 or visit the website at

Read the full story at

Mandrien Consulting Group Announces Director of Strategic Services
Jul 09 2011

Mandrien Consulting Group is proud to announce the appointment of Matthew Montgomery as Mandrien Consulting Group’s Director of Strategic Services. “Mandrien Consulting Group is thrilled to add Matthew Montgomery to our senior management team,” says Rusty Solomon, Mandrien Consulting Group CEO. “Matthew has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the title and mortgage industry and will allow Mandrien Consulting Group to provide another valuable asset to our existing clients.”

The Director of Strategic Services is responsible for planning and executing the organization’s strategic and operational development and implementation of ongoing initiatives. Mr. Montgomery will work closely with the executive team, local, regional and national industry players as well as corporate, government, and individual resources to support Mandrien Consulting Group’s vision and strategic organizational development.

“After a thorough search for a new Director of Strategic Services we are very pleased to have found Matthew,” said Mandrien Consulting Group CEO, Rusty Solomon. “Matthew’s experience and enthusiasm are a perfect match for the many challenges faced by title and mortgage professionals who seek out Mandrien Consulting Group for expertise in operational and marketing planning.”

Prior to his time at Mandrien, he had bottom line authority for operations and marketing initiatives at title insurance and financial services companies all over the country. He also has a strong background in operational consulting, due to his experience at major national title companies. Most recently, he served as the Sales and Marketing Director for a national title insurance and closing services company. He has conducted in-depth market research, developing untapped markets and planning successful market entrance for many products. He has also worked to align companies’ short- and long-term strategy with marketing programs designed to produce results, with an eye to efficient operational scaling. These skills allow him to successfully consult with Mandrien’s clients looking to expand their market share. Finally, his extensive business development and leadership skills make him a valuable addition to the Mandrien Consulting team, where he now manages organizational development on a national level.

“It is truly exciting to take on this important role to sustain and grow a vibrant organization such as Mandrien,” says Matthew Montgomery. “I am especially looking forward to working with the executive team to achieve the vision for Mandrien Consulting Group as we move into 2012. It is an honor to become part of an outstanding professional team which is dedicated to excellence in all they do.”

Mandrien Consulting Group provides results-driven national title insurance licensing, process optimization consulting, digital marketing, compliance learning tools and corporate strategic planning for the real estate services industry. Mandrien offers unparalleled practical and technical experience in the title insurance industry.

Mandrien Consulting Group Launches The “3 Step Plan”
Jul 04 2011

Mandrien Consulting Group announces the release of its new product, the Mandrien 3 Step Plan, an 8 week consulting engagement designed for title agencies seeking rapid national expansion. Intended for forward thinking organizations that want to revitalize the execution of their corporate planning, the highly-concentrated two month engagement includes a 6 week 40 state national licensing plan, all-encompassing digital marketing program, and 3 day compliance workshop.

Director of Strategic Services of Mandrien Consulting Group, Matthew Montgomery, remarks, “We set out to create a comprehensive product that would give a local agent the tools and wherewithal to go from local to national in 8 weeks in a controlled and compliant fashion while at the same time present minimal intrusion to the executive team’s available managerial time.”

Led by seasoned Mandrien Consulting Group corporate strategic title industry experts, the 3 Step Plan consists of rapid licensing, web design, social media set up, and compliance mentoring. During month one Mandrien acquires at least 20 new state title licenses, builds a world class website and begins the planning for month two. In month two, the digital marketing program and licensing is completed as Mandrien prepares to impart the compliance body of knowledge necessary for multi-state title practice.

The time commitment required of executives in the 3 Step Plan is limited to collecting and sending strategic plan materials, participation in the 3 day workshop, and review of the comprehensive audit Mandrien Consulting provides demonstrating the prior state as compared with the new future state of the title agency.

To learn more about the 3 Step Plan visit Mandrien Consulting Group website

About Mandrien Consulting Group:

Mandrien Consulting Group is full service management consulting firm that serves the title and mortgage industries with results-driven corporate strategic planning. Already a proven leader in this industry, Mandrien built its reputation on consistently delivering desired results. Through its expanded products and services — which include strategic national licensing, digital marketing, and compliance mentoring – Mandrien can assist title and mortgage companies with all of their consulting needs.

An Inside Look at Marketing Strategy
May 18 2011
Mandrien Director of Corporate Communications Megan Scarborough discusses digital marketing in the title insurance industry: tips, tricks, best practices and what not to do!
Megan Scarborough, director of corporate communications for Mandrien Consulting Group, said marketing today begins and ends with your company website — it must be user friendly, flexible and informative. She advised agents to “treat it like the front door and official headquarters of your company.” Once you have a great website in place, you can start pushing out marketing to draw new customers.

The next step is email. Email marketing can take a lot of refining and tinkering, but its cost-effective approach is hard to beat, and after crafting a great website, it?s the best way “to push out any content you are creating and remind people that you exist,” according to Scarborough.

“I think you can have a lot of success with selling things that genuinely appeal to people through email, but it?s a lot more difficult to do at a B to B company,” she said. “B to C can be easier, like with a sale that ends in 24 hours. It?s a trickier line to toe with B to B.”
Rusty Solomon, CEO of Mandrien, to Present: The Money Network
Jan 18 2011

The Money Network: Experts say leveraging social media can drive revenues


The prevalence of social media as a business conduit continues to enchant and confound professionals from all industry types, including title insurance and mortgage. However, studies indicate professionals that implement social media into their business processes and systems see a greater market reach in their clientele and new business opportunities.


But how can professionals in the title and mortgage industry use social media to drive up revenues and create more loyal customers and clientele? Where do you begin? On what sites should you invest your time? What are the bottom-line benefits? What are the best practices? How do you to monetize it?


In October Research Corp.’s social media Webinar, “The Money Network: Using social media to drive title and mortgage business,” two social media experts, who are also industry professionals, will talk about how to drive revenues using social media and, specifically, how to sell and market services to clients using this medium. Hosted by October Seminars, the Webinar will be held Thursday, Feb. 3 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET.


The featured presenters, Raelin Musuraca, senior vice president of Skalstad Consulting Inc., and Rusty Solomon, chief executive officer of Mandrien Consulting Group,
As Market Conditions Shift, Mandrien Consulting Group, Now Offering Complimentary Evaluations
Dec 09 2010

New York, NY December 9, 2010 – Mandrien Consulting Group, a New York-based title and mortgage industry strategic planning firm, announces the introduction of a complimentary 2-hour evaluation for companies interested in improving their business process and licensing strategies.

As interest rates rise and home sales increase, business process adjustments will become necessary to adjust to these changing market conditions. Title agents and underwriters as well as mortgage companies can now request a professional and confidential evaluation on a variety of business initiatives.  The complimentary evaluation covers a myriad of issues:
Title Insurance Companies: Three Things Killing Your Business
Nov 18 2010

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 18, 2010 - Paper, phones and email are probably killing your title insurance company, according to a new eGuide released this week by Mandrien Consulting Group.


In the midst of the foreclosure-gate and robo-signing controversy, the details of certain business processes in the real estate industry have suddenly come under intense scrutiny. Many of these organizations’ business processes have lately been cast in a very unfavorable light as the public begins to recognize the unfolding ramifications.


Although title companies are not directly under fire in the debacle, it is clear that their processes are not perfect either. Most title insurance companies today continue to rely heavily on paper documents, phone communication and reactionary email-response systems. Mandrien’s eGuide, titled “The Three Things Killing Your Title Insurance Company,” outlines the reasons why these methods of data-storage and communication can prove crippling to a real estate services company.

Management Consulting Firm, Mandrien Consulting Group, Launches New Website, Announces New Management and Product Offering
Aug 16 2010

NEW YORK, NY (August 17, 2010) - Mandrien Consulting Group announces the launch of its new website at Mandrien, the management consulting firm known for its expertise in national title agency licensing, is now under new ownership and management. Mandrien will offer new consulting products designed to aid real estate service providers by increasing efficiency and scalability through business process optimization.

Mandrien Corporation Partners with National Corporate Research, Ltd. to Provide Clients with Responsive, Cost Effective Registered Agent, Compliance and Transactional Services
Apr 23 2010
Mandrien Corporation, a provider of nationwide consulting services and outsourced workforce solutions for the title insurance and settlement services industries, is proud to announce the launch of its relationship with National Corporate Research, Ltd. (“NCR”), a leading provider of nationwide registered agent, filing, research and library services.....................
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