How To Start A Title Company

How to start a title company you ask? Starting a title company is a difficult process that involves many moving parts, but you shouldn’t let the apparent complexity deter you. With the consolidation and evolution of the financial services sector, now is a better time than ever to learn how to start a title comapny or, if you are a mortgage company, Mandrien can show you how to start a title company. All you need is the financial resources to get off the ground and the intellectual capital to set yourself on a course toward success.


Mandrien Consulting Group and Allen Rusty Solomon  has the expertise needed to rapidly provide you with a corporate strategic plan on how to start a title company.  Mandrien has helped emerging and established title agencies hone their business process and ensure long-term profitability. With our help, you can be confident that you are employing industry best practices on how to start a title company.


·         Licensing Consultation—Regulations vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Mandrien literally wrote the book on title agent licensing, and we can help you determine which states will be most profitable and the best licensing and compliance strategies to use when starting a title company.

Social Media Marketing - —Mandrien Consulting Group and Allen Rusty Solomon will design and build a sophisticated and highly optimized website that focuses on social media marketing, lead conversion, new business acquisition and company profitability. Mandrien will promote the company’s services by reorienting and strengthening the company’s online brand image. With the use of targeted social media, search engine marketing, targeted LinkedIn groups and email marketing efforts, we will create a system that generates and cultivates leads, thus building you an extensive pipeline and turning cold calls into warm calls. Mandrien will implement a content management system to allow for the easy editing and updating of customized website content. A structured management system will be put in place to nurture business prospects and promote their engagement with the website and the brand.

·         Human Resources—A great team can make or break a title company. At Mandrien, we can guide you through the hiring and training processes so you know you have the best team possible. We can also help you craft an effective organizational chart that promotes oversight and prevents inefficiency.

·         Process Improvement—Each title order can go through a dozen steps before it is clear to close. Fast, accurate turn-times are the order of the day. At Mandrien, we use Six Sigma and other process improvement techniques to help starting a title company  with implementation of a system that pushes down the error rates and speeds up delivery times.

·         Technology Implementation—Choosing the right technology now helps you stay competitive for years to come. Mandrien Consulting Group can evaluate your needs and help you select and implement a robust, scalable set of software platforms when starting a title company.


To learn more about how Mandrien can help you start a title company or guidance on how to start a title company for  your mortgage company, call us at 917-338-4222 and schedule a free consultation with one of Mandrien’s specialists.