Rapid Impact Project

The Rapid Impact Project has been developed for organizations seeking a fast, effective solution to process optimization.  This accelerated program will map a core group of up to five processes, with the option of real-time process optimization sessions for instant results.  The project can be completed in less than 5 business days or even less if called upon to do so.


Mandrien’s consultants will commence with process optimization education to prepare and motivate your process owners.  Then, we will begin rapidly documenting processes, using our unique methodology that produces highly detailed, user-friendly process maps.  Our cooperative approach ensures a positive and rewarding experience for your staff.  Our initial sessions capture up to 85% of each process, with a second round refining and improving the maps to a level of 95%.

The Rapid Impact Project is the ideal solution for the following situations:


             -You are considering a company wide process improvement  initiative and would like to establish proof of concept.

             -You have a problem area within one area of the company and  need results immediately.

             -You have no processes in place and want to use this approach as  a pilot program.


For more information about the Rapid Impact Project, request a free one hour  meeting or call now.