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Is Your Process Improvement Really Six Sigma?

Many businesses take on process improvement projects because they recognize the benefits available. However, most do not understand completely how to implement and follow through with a Six Sigma business process optimization. Failure to properly follow through, lack of buy-in from key stakeholders and misunderstanding of employee or customer feedback can all cause even the most well-intentioned process improvement project to fail.

So, how do you know if your process improvement project is really Six Sigma, and more importantly, how do you know if it’s really going to have a lasting, positive impact on your company?

In order to properly design a Six Sigma process improvement project, you must undertake the following steps:

-Create a central process management function (or team) to oversee and moderate all aspects of your Six Sigma projects.

-Implement a business process management application at the highest levels of your organization. This will allow managers to effectively oversee all Six Sigma activity.

-Be consistent. Follow through on all specific process from inception up until completion. Do not leave loose ends.

-Manage resources well to guarantee project momentum over time.

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