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A Guide to eMarketing  for Your Title or Mortgage Company: Part I

Many title and mortgage companies have discovered that in recent years new regulations and the weakened economy have led to tighter margins. Improving your marketing efforts can be a great way to generate more business and help you remain profitable. The good news is that few title and mortgage companies have fully embraced the eMarketing revolution. The lack of buy-in in these industries means that companies who do start to use eMarketing to its fullest potential will have a decisive competitive advantage.

The world of marketing, advertising and PR has changed dramatically in the last decade. Gone are the days of “interruption”-based marketing. You cannot simply bother your target audience with cold calls, jingles and flashy ads that do not interest them and expect them to buy your products or services. Customers today have access to more information and options than ever before, and if you annoy, interrupt or tease them with information that is not useful, they will turn you off, whether that means changing the channel, closing your website or deleting your email.


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