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Applying Six Sigma Techniques in Service  Industries

Recently, a comment on our LinkedIN Group (Title Insurance and Mortgage Process Optimization Group) provoked an interesting question: Is Six Sigma better suited to manufacturing processes, or can it be employed in a service environment?


If you aren’t familiar with management consulting lingo, you may be wondering what Six Sigma is. Basically, Six Sigma is a quality control methodology that can be employed to drastically improve efficiency and cut down on mistakes. Lean Flow, a related concept, focuses on eliminating redundancy and waste to keep a given business process as “lean” as possible.


The U.S. economy is largely based in services as opposed to manufacturing today, and as service companies have sought to remain profitable in the recent economic downturn, many of them have looked to methodologies like Lean Six Sigma (the term given to Six Sigma and Lean Flow used in concert) to boost their profit margins while keeping customers happy. Which, after all, is vital to a service economy.

A Consultant's Perspective on the Foreclosure Scandal

Could Six Sigma cure the broken foreclosure process?


After reviewing the deposition testimony of notaries (who might be better termed robosigners) Bryan Bly, Crystal Moore and Duarta Doko taken by the Forrest Law Firm and posted to YouTube, it is abundantly clear that the foreclosure “process” is broken. Anyone can see that.


The question is, how can it be fixed? Could the institutions involved in this business process (that is, the foreclosure process) take some lessons from the past? In particular, we’d like to take a look at GE Capital Services and how they employed Six Sigma tactics in the late ‘90s to improve a severely broken process.



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