Case Study: The 3-Step Plan
Mandrien Consulting Group has helped many clients expand their national licensing footprints, implement strategic marketing initiatives and navigate complex compliance and management hurdles with ease. The following is a case study of a particular client who was able to go from one state to 43 in just six weeks.

Client: Mid-sized title agency

Goal: Expand licensing footprint, take advantage of new markets and establish national service reputation.

Methods and Results:

Step One
  • After the initial decision to expand, Mandrien Consulting Group worked with Client to determine which states it was worth expanding into, based on costs, difficulty of obtaining licensing and volume in that state. It was determined that 42 states in addition to the home state held great potential for expansion.
  • Mandrien Consulting Group consultants gathered all necessary data from Client and executed the documentation for licensure in those 42 states. Documents that needed to be signed by the Client were sent to them, and then transferred to the state departments of insurance. Insurance, bonds and appointments were obtained where necessary. In attorney states, relationships were established with attorney partners. In title plant states, buy-ins was arranged. In those states for which it did not make sense to obtain licensing, work-share agreements were put in place.
  • A system for automating renewals, notifying the Client regarding deadlines and executing continuing education requirements was enacted. The Client was informed of the necessity of notifying states of changes in address, business status and other factors.

Step Two
  • Mandrien Consulting Group’s marketing consultants held meetings with Client to determine the unique value of the company and pin down a “story” that would appeal to clients and prospects.
  • Messaging and branding were developed. A logo was designed to appeal to the professional, customer-focused Client.
  • A customized Wordpress website was developed according to client specifications and in keeping with best practices regarding user friendliness, search engine optimization and content generation.
  • Targeted press releases were submitted to online sources, which distributed details regarding the company over the internet and improved search engine rankings and the Client’s national reputation.
  • Social media marketing was used to position the client as a forward-thinking, engaged participant in the title insurance market. Blogging served as the primary source of content, which was then pushed out via popular social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Email newsletters were developed in conjunction with the sales team at the client company, announcing their national offerings as well as a pertinent business merger.
  • Search engine optimization techniques were utilized to ensure that customers and prospects easily found our client online.
  • Additional marketing collateral, including business cards and e-brochures were developed.
  • On an ongoing basis, Mandrien continues to provide social media updates, blog posts, email newsletters, press releases and other materials as part of a continuing marketing program.

Step Three
  • Multi-state mentoring regarding compliance, search requirements, preparation of title commitments, multi state closing procedures, HUD preparation, transactional documents, recordation procedures, and policy preparation.
  • Technology advice and business process outsourcing consultation.
  • Training regarding the closing process in each newly licensed state.
  • All of the client’s employees have been trained to understand the unique challenges of being a national company.
  • Mandrien Consulting Group consultants have provided input regarding various important business decisions, including determining ongoing licensing strategy and strategic partnerships.
  • The client’s employees have access to social media tutorials and training in all relevant marketing techniques.
  • On an ongoing basis, Mandrien Consulting Group  consultants provide feedback, advice and business process direction to the client’s team during the early phases of becoming a national company.